I am trying to create a program that searches a screenshot 1600x900 px for a smaller image 200x50. For example on this website I would like to have the program take a screenshot and then search the screenshot for the DaniWeb logo. I would like the coordinates of the center of the logo to be returned and the mouse to move to that point.

The user of the program will input the picture to search for, and then when the user presses a button the form will hide and take a screenshot. It will then search that screen shot for the picture the user inputted and move the mouse over the center of the search image.

It sounds like a rather simple problem but I have only found pixel searches that use arrays. I would like the program to be able to search rather quickly. Here is a source that might be the right answer, and if it is could someone explain it in greater detail. http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/125431-find-image-on-screen/. The only problem with this is I could be searching for a picture of a word as well (there won't be multiple instances of the search picture), and if the words are all the same color, a pixel alignment search would need to be preformed instead of a pixel color search. I don't know of any pixel alignment searches?