is there any java programming software that looks like vb6 ?

our panelist said on our thesis defense that we must use java for our interface but we dont have any background in java programming, but only vb.

please help. thanks

i think that you are asking about a very user friendly IDE
And you should go for eclipse and this IDE will also provide interactive user interface for better designing . . .

you have no experience in Java, yet you are required to write your GUI in it?
seems weird. anyway, what exactly is it you're trying to do? learn Java, or create a GUI very quick, without bothering to learn Java itself?
also: what type of GUI? desktop app? web app?

There is, or rather was, Visual J++ which had virtually the same user interface as did VB6. But luckily it's been removed from distribution years ago.

You'd best get used to a different style of working, it'd do you good.
The IntelliJ community edition has a pretty good UI builder, but of course you're not going to be able to create an entire working application just by making some screens, you need to create the code that makes those screens do useful things as well and that's where you really will need to know Java.

i hate my panelist :D they tought us how to us vb and now they are asking to use java ... hahaha

hope there is java that like vb6 that has click and drag tools :)

@stultuske desktop hope so... were intend to create a machine that has interface of java, but many people says that its hard to code hardwares to java,

@jwenting for now we are looking for a GUI JAVA programming software, if there is we will try to study the codes.

You are taking on a very steep learning curve, but...
Oracle have a GUI builder/IDE called NetBeans that goes with Java. Here's a very simple tutorial that will give you a feel for how it looks, at least on a simple example. Learning object-oriented programming is a whole other thing...

@james where i can get that netbeans? can i make some modules there ?

and also, keep in mind what Jwenting said: just because you drag-'n-drop a GUI doesn't mean it actually does anything.
sure, you can use the editor in full and add some functionality without really knowing Java, but if you do that: good luck debugging.

" for now we are looking for a GUI JAVA programming software, if there is we will try to study the codes."

wrong attitude. Java is code centric, not a click and drag programming language (neither is VB6, but you could make many people believe it was if all you wanted was something very simple indeed, not much more complicated that kids would learn in school which is probably why you think that's all you need).