I have a simple usb device that i can plug into a PC.

The thing im looking for in user interface that is:
1) Multiplatform
2) Manages it own drivers (for plug in USB device)
3) No install file, a executable.

The thing im looking for is like this demonstation project:

But project above (web applet) ... needs 1. jdk 2. jdk addtional files .ddl s (RXTX java usb include)

My question is...

Is there a way to do a web (browser) user interface for a plug in USB device. How to manage installation of plug in USB CDC device drivers (microchip PIC). Is there a way to avoid a jdk requirement specially adding addtional files to jdk folder. Is there a better solution than a simple applet example above (link)? If no, how to enhace this online applet? How to no manually add this JDK usb additional file?

Iv heard of new (for me) java FX that promises some radical features that are very attractive for simular (my) purpose.

Thank you in advance!

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Well, Java is pretty much completly cross-platform, and the USB should be able to install its own drivers... It does is for me... (like when I plug in a new drive). As for no install file, you can just create a .jar file and lauch it within an autorun file.


I agree, it could be much easier task if the USB device was more capable, but sad reality is that the USB device (MCU with build in UART to USB bridge) got only 32 kb 8 bit memory.

Have anyone used java to do a simple driver mangement across platfroms?
How about serial port reading by java? VCOM?


Ummm... I've done it before, but it was via an additional cable (USB to Serial). It used the Communications API. You might try a not cross platform thing first (using only Windows and Unix)...
The other problem is that Java has very little low level functionality, which may be a problem for driver managment.
Hope that helps,

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