i have problem with my VB.net program
I have a form and 3 GroupBox in the same form.
i want go next 2
GroupBoxes afther Clicking the Next Button..
Can you Help me ?

GroupBoxes1 to next GroupBoxes2 next GroupBoxes3


Try this :

GroupBox2.Visible = True
GroupBox1.Visible = False


if i were u i will use a if statement

for example during the load event only one groupbox is open let say
groupbox1 visible is true and the others (GroupBox2 and Groupbox3) are hide.

in the button put this code

if Groupbox1.visible = "True" then
    Groupbox1.visible = "False"
    Groupbox2.visible = "True"

elseif Groupbox2.visible = "true" then
    Groupbox2.visible = "False"
    Groupbox3.visible = "True"

elseif Groupbox3.visible = "true" then
    Groupbox3.visible = "False"
    Groupbox1.visible = "True"

end if
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