is there any method to split this line into StringTokenizer or by regular express?

1009027,"PMP Exam Prep (4th Edition)","",8,0,0,5,4,"Paperback","0971164738","","",89,89,743,"01 October, 2002","Project management@@@Examinations, questions, etc@@@Study Aids@@@Professional@@@Architecture@@@Tests@@@Study Guides@@@Education@@@Business & Economics@@@","0971164738"

i wanna split the word by the delimiter "," but i found that there is some "," inside the double is it regexp the best way to split the words...and i pattern i need to use the regexp...many thx for the help

I don't see any comma inside quotes. But if so, you'll have to use regex.
If not, then:
String[] tokens = String.split(",")