I have written a small application which plays video files which are saved into a directory C:\Video. Once loaded these files never change.
The problem is simple, I cannot find a way to add the folder (Video) containing the files to the installer package. I would like the program to install on other peoples computers with the program automatically adding the directory containing the videos to their c:
I can obviously already manually copy and paste this to the c: directory and perhaps do this with Winrar or something but it would be neater to find a way for the vs installer to do this, so any ideas of how to make this happen please? The program plays videos of martial arts patterns to help the students in our academy learn. Thank you.

You can add the videos to your project as a resource.

My Project > Resources > Add Existing File

This will embed the videos in the project.

Then to reference them, you can do something like My.Resources.ResourceName

Hi thanks for this pointer. I have managed to add a resource1.resx, I have to admit I knew nothing of the resource facility until you mentioned it. I take it you mean My.Resources. would be written into the code which tells the media player where to get the play source from. I have now added all my video files, they can be seen all in the solution explorer I hope this correct it's a big change for my experience. I will try and work out how to call the file into the player now, thanks again.

I began with this code put into my button to select the video file to play. AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = "C:/Video/Chon-Ji.avi"

Finding this difficult with lots of different tries, do you have an example code handy that will play the video file. I can get the media player to change it's state to"READY" but it won't play either .avi or .mpg and examples would be great thank you.

Here is a good forum post to give you an idea.

I hope this helps.