All I can get the WindowsMediaPlayer1 to do is change it's status to ready. Can someone confirm that it is possible to play .avi and mpg files from resourses before I spend hours and hours only to discover it cannot be done or that it is far beyond my capabilities at this time? Thanks

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Do you mean play an embedded file? If, so I believe you will first have to write the file out to the disk first and then point the media player to that file.

Hi thanks for replying.

I started by trying to include the files for my player in the vb instal package so for instance the folder (Video) would copy to C:\Video when the application instals but could not find a way to do it. Then someone suggested adding the video files to resources and link the WindowsMediaPlayer1 to them through resourses. I could only get the player to change its status to "ready" when it should say "buffering" by doing it this way. So I guess what your saying is the file gets embedded and then extracted to drive before being played. It takes me back to copying the directory "Video" back to the C Drive. Ive not enough experience to crack this I don't think.

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Hi TnTinMN

This is before I read your link. I think I sused out why the player only goes to ready mode. The file is already in use by resource process and thefore the player cannot play it, I guesss I need to find a way now to release the file before the player gets told to open it.

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