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I am trying to develop an application which will try to protect keystrokes from being send by keyloggers and even if it can be send it will be encrypted or obfuscated.

Would like to know what are the possibilites and would like to receive some inputs, code snippets or anything that can help me achieve the task!

If you are only wanting to capture keystrokes while your application is running, then look into keydown.

If not, look into using hooks.

@begginnerdev: If you would have read my post you would have understand that I am not talking about creating a key logger which is fairly easy.

Actually you are, in a sense. You need to log the keystrokes and change or discard them, when echoing to the app. This means going fairly deep into the API's to accomplish this. If I'm not mistaken, most keyloggers hook right into the keyboard, so you would need to be able to search for their hook and intercept it.

@tinstaafl: That is quite obvious I would have to capture the keystrokes too before I can encrypt or scramble them. Capturing the keystrokes is NOT a problem at all. And yes you are right about most of the keyloggers hook into your keyboard.