I am trying to allow users to give their own combination of keys to trigger an event.
For example, the user will be allowed to give a combination of keys in a textbox. And once the combination of keys are pressed some event should occur(close form2 or something like that).

Now part 1 is:- The user should be allowed to give their combination of key in the textbox provided(shift+control+z).

Part 2: Once the user click the specified combination of keys in the textbox an event should occur.

I have been trying to get this done but got stuck. So any help will be appreciated.

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Show us what you have done so far

I'd like to implement a "enter any key to continue" in my VB5.0 application.
The last time I needed that capability was a keypunch verify system in 1976. Now I want to be able to navigate between video segments by entering < or > etc.

This is the vb.net forum. Please post your question in vb 4-5-6

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