I would like to create a battleship game in C#, but I would like to use test driven development first.
My game is going to have a grid size of 5x5 and I would like to randomly insert one ship size 4. Need Ideas what test to wrote for direction of the ship(horizintal,vertical) limits, if colume smaller then 2 ship direction to the right, if row smaller then 2 direction of the ship down. Any good tutorials of c# TDD or Examples.

Tests :
reset fields(those I understand)
Checking the orientation of the left, right, up, down (no clue how to write them)
Returning the orientation of the coordinates (no clue how to write them)
Layout of ship in the initial coordinates (no clue how to write them)

Any help would do

Thank you

Working with coordinates, I find the C# point structure ideal to work with. Click Here