I want to make a tab control that looks like this:

Does anybody know how to this? I've searched all over the internet yet nothing really worked.

Current Tab: 9db2836000c6705c1e74ca8d818f3186

'Offline' Tab: c8393eabeab3324cf45c45d3caab472b

Thanks :)

Are you programming in WPF (XAML) or WinForms?

And when you say online/offline, what are you expecting to pull these values from?

A browser? Code? What exactly?

Yes its a browser. And yes I'm using WinForms. Offline and Online are just names I used for Current Tab and Tab not in use. My bad, Sorry.

Have you created a form with a tab control with a browser object inside the tab control, or have you created a custom control?

Changing the drawmode to ownerdrawfixed allows you to draw whatever you like on the tabs.