i have a application in which i have taken 12 forms in my project. i have 5 questions in each 10 pages, and then i wanted to display the user's selection in the form12. whether he had checked the checkbox. and also display the wrong answer of our checked checkbox with full of detail and correction.

it is like a k.b.c type, we have 5 question in 1 form and each of that question has the 4 checkbox for option.

plz expert help me to solve this
plz this is urgent for me..

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you can try like this, if i wrong please inform me

if form1.checkbox1.checked then
label.text = "the answer is something"
end if

please vote me if i already fix your problem, or ask me if you got problem.
Thank You!!

You will need to hold the properties at the application's scope. By that I mean you will want to create a Module, and place the propeties there.


Public Module Answers

    Public Property Question1GivenAnswer As String
    Public Property Question1CorrectAnswer As String

End Module

You should do this for every question, then in the Form.Closing event, you will want to push the data to the Module.

    Answers.Question1GivenAnswer = "A, B, C"
    Awnsers.Question1CorrectAnswer = "C"

Finally in the result's form, you can pull the data from the module, and create a report of the answers.

If Answers.Question1GivenAnswer <> Answers.Question1CorrectAnswer Then
    ' User got this question wrong.
    ' User got the question right!
End If
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