i'm inneed of a sample project on preschool management system developed in vb6 to my subject System Develop and System Desigh.. does anybody help me in this? it's urgent?

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Ezzaral commented: It's not urgent to anyone else. -3

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wow. I also need sample project for accounting system. hotel reservation and billing system, hospital billing system. this is a good idea actually to post in forum like this, in case someone is so generous to give it.

commented: No, really it isn't. -3

Not gonna happen. However, if you show some effort and need help with something...

Can you give more detail about you vb6 subject. then i will help you surly.

damn, that's just sarcasm joke. is there no one here that have sense of humour?

zeena : if you need some free source code, just search for open source program. there are tons of open source out there.

commented: Effort become so important in Daniweb. Don't make misunderstanding with some jokes :) +14
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