I'm puzzled. Somebody built a program that hooks into the API of a chat program called "Paltalk". With the program, you are able to control the room and do things like send text, restrict users from talking on the mic, etc. However, the program (from now on called 'bot') will only work inside of a pre-defined list of rooms. If you try to start the bot in a room that is not on the pre-defined list, it will not run.

I contacted the developer and asked him to add my room to the list. He did and sent me an updated .exe file.

My question is, where do you think the pre-defined room list is inside of the program? How do you think this is handled? Did he go int his VB project, add my room name, re-bundle the .exe and send it to me? As you are all programmers I'm turning to you guys for help in solving this mystery.

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there are several ways to do that. Hard code ths list as data inside the program, use progam settings, external file, database, have a webite or ftp site with a file, are just some of the ways this could be accomplished. To find out for sure you'd probably have to decompile the project. Be warned that unless the program's license specifically allows this, this will usually result in getting the license revoked.


The fact he sent you an updated exe to accomplish this suggests he did hard code it somewhere.

Yes you guys are right. He showed me how he did it using
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