we have an office chat messenger in our office, it is executable, and ofcourse cannot modify the codes already.
i dont know exactly how this messenger save history, looking from its root folder, i cant see something related from its conversation or message history. I just need to save all incoming and outgoing messages to a database? is that possible? im thinking of getting data from ports that the messenger might used in sending and receiving


Without some sort of documentation or opening the ports on the firewall, you will have no starting point for your sniffer application.

Do you know any of these ports?

i find it difficult not knowing the ports they used for this app. I just thought there something i can do to decode data going in and out from the ports and record if its from the chat app. anyway thanks for your reply :)

If you have an extensive knowledge of assembly, you can attempt to decompile it. (This is illegal unless you have a license to do so!!! I do not suggest this!)

If this is not the case, you will have to contact the software vendor/manufacturer and ask if there is a way, or what ports you may need to sniff.

I ended up creating my own version of lan messenger

thank you for sharing your knowlegde

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