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Sorry if this is really simple but I couldn't think how to phrase what I'm looking for on google.
I've designed a piece of software for a friend for their business. When I learned VB we were always taught how to use it with Access Databases. I've decided this isnt very practical if: a) They have a ton of information they want to be secure (Access Databases can be cracked in seconds!) and b) If I were to market the software (it's a very unique idea which could be popular), access isnt the best to go with.

So i've been rewriting it to use SQL databases. However! When the software is given to the client, would they need to configure a SQL server on their PC etc? I basically want it so they can install it (using a prebuilt installer), and then they're literally good to go. With access they just need to install the Access Runtime (which I made the installer install) and then the program is able to communicate with the .mdb file in the files. What needs to be packaged with it, so even a complete idiot on a PC could use the program. If it starts asking them about MySQL configs they'll probably be stumped? I'm only just learning to use SQL, so i'm not sure if there's some runtime equivalent? Also, is SQL the best way to even do this? It's my first experience with something like this so im a bit stumped.

Sorry if i havent explained it brilliantly!


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If you bet with large amount data and security then mysql, mssql or oracle is the best choise.
For user configuring is not difficult as you thinking.
Install your program and database as packet.
To make it easy for user then your program must facilitate it. Can create database in first using and know the server name.
So user just use it without many configurating.

If you want to put this sql database into a network system you just have give all the server names in the connection string in vb.net
As Jxman explained it is really easy to configure.but you have to install first Sql and then vb,net package

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