I am new to the awk scripts. I am confused about the delimiter concept in the awk script. say delimiter is , or | or anything, then a new line is treated as a next line ? like e.g.


So there are 10 fields in each row, and awk body works on each row on an identical fashion. Say I want the first 14 out of these 20 in one array and the remaining 6 in a different array. So do the last | is it treated as $10. But there is no $11 or $11 =\n ??. The way I was thinking of is keep a counter at the beginning of the awk body. If it is in equal to 2, then only read till $4. So can use the for loop with $j where j runs from 1 to 4 ?? is it allowed?

Also how to you call an awk script from within a C program ??

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Also how to you call an awk script from within a C program ??

that doesn't make sense. If you can C, then what you're asking for shouldn't be too difficult to do with C.

please be more precise about what you've got to do. not only the way you think it should be done.

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