In this program:

1) an integer typed 2D array named  student_scores[Rows][Cols] is initialized by providing initialization list

2) then this array is passed to a function named total_scores which recevies two aurguments
    .- the first aurgument is for array with explicit use of column subscript
    .- the second one is row size
    .- e.g int total_scores(const int [][Cols], int);

3) in the funciton definition, the function sums all the contents/ scores of arrays into an integer type variable named int total

4) then the total is shown by calling this funciton in the main() function with cout statement as:

   cout<<"Total of all the values in student_scores[][]: "
       <<total_scores(student_scores, Rows);

5) here it is ok

** 6) But when i compile this program, the compiler generates an error something like that

in function main:
[Linker error] undefined reference to 'total_socres(int const[][3], int)'
id returned 1 exit status

thus the problem is 
** 1) why this error occours while i have provided the function definition

** 2) how to resolve this error in order to run this program**

    using namespace std;

    const int Rows=3;   
    const int Cols=3;

    int total_scores(const int [][Cols], int);

       int student_scores[Rows][Cols]={ {1,3,5},

       cout<<"Total of all the values in student_scores[][]: "
           <<total_scores(student_scores, Rows);   


    int total_socres(const int array[][Cols], int Rows)
     int total =0;
     for(int i=0; i < Rows; i++ )
       for(int j=0; j<Cols; j++)
        total = total+array [Rows][Cols];   



        return total;


line 44 should be int main() and obviously return an int value.

line 42 int total_scores(const int [][Cols], int)
line 58 int total_socres(const int array[][Cols], int Rows) notice the spelling mistake?

line 65 total = total + array [Rows][Cols]; - so for each iteration you are adding array[3][3] which is out of bounds for the array and would just contain memory junk.

It should be total = total + array[i][j]; which is equivalent to total += array[i][j];

As for getch(), using cin.get() would be preferable.
Better code formatting would be helpful both for you and others reading your code.

Thank YOU very much nullptr. your desribing method is very good. i got it eaisly. and solved my problem.

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