I've written a simple program in Visual Basic 6 pulling data from a database into a table. My program starts out with "Dim db as DataBase" and "Set rs as RecordSet" and then goes on to pull up the data. It runs fine on my computer. However, when I try to run it on another computer I get "Run time error 429, Active X component can't create object."
If I eliminate all the "db" and "rs" references, the program opens fine on the other computer.
Any ideas?

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Make sure you installed the latest MDAC on the other machine. If not then it does not have the database access libraries loaded to the proper versions.

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Have you insatlled the VB Service Pack6 also onto the new PC? This is a frequent error appears when the project is to run on another machine than where the project was originally created.
Try to Tick the Active X concerned and other necessary Check boxes in the Components menu and see..

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