I am looking for someone who can teach me how to segment a video file into chunks. Will appreciate it greatly if anyone decides to help me!

Here is a (python 2) function to help you. It takes an open input file as argument together with an input chunk size and an output chunk size. It generates a sequence of pairs (i, s) where i is the index of the output file where the string s must be written

def dispatched(ifh, isize, osize, start = 0):
    assert isize > 0
    assert osize > 0
    left = osize
    while True:
        s = ifh.read(isize)
        if not s:
        while s:
            x = min(left, len(s))
            yield (start, s[:x])
            s = s[x:]
            left -= x
            if not left:
                left = osize
                start += 1

example = '''Python is a programming language that
lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems
more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost
immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs.'''

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from StringIO import StringIO
    ifh = StringIO(example) # simulate an opened input file
    for item in dispatched(ifh, 20, 35, 1):
        print item

''' my output --->

(1, 'Python is a programm')
(1, 'ing language th')
(2, 'at\nle')
(2, 'ts you work more qui')
(2, 'ckly and i')
(3, 'ntegrate y')
(3, 'our systems\nmore eff')
(3, 'ectiv')
(4, 'ely. You can le')
(4, 'arn to use Python an')
(5, 'd see almost\nimmedia')
(5, 'te gains in pro')
(6, 'ducti')
(6, 'vity and lower maint')
(6, 'enance cos')
(7, 'ts.')

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