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I am working on VB. I have 3 columns in my DGV the first column is First Name, Second is Last Name, and the third is Phone Number.

I would like to show the First Name of the users while we type the keywords into a Search Text Box and then show the highlight keywords in the beginning, Middle, and the last

my local database is datacontact.sdf . I prefer to create a search textbox like a screen shot below:

source code here but it work with internet

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Try the code in this thread. It actually filters the Datagridview, according to what is typed compared to the data in a specific column, until only one record is left. I might not be exactly what you're looking for but you should be able to adapt it.

Thanks, but my thread is want to get the (beginning, middle, end) of keywords with highlight in datagridview.

i think you can not change color of the text in dgv . because there is no css involves init , we could easily make graphical changes in webforms ,but i am afraid that it is not possible in desktop applications. May be there are some thired party tools available to perform such actions.

It is possible to display rich text in a datagridview cell, which should let you higlight specific letters in the cell. The example here is written in C#, but as with any .net language the inidivudal statements and the general process will be basically the same

I found no help related to my thread above.

What else do you need/ You got an example on how to search a DGV and you got an example on how to make a column of RichText which will allow individual letters to have their own formatting. Do you expect people to hold your hand and do your work for you?

i can't imagine that the code through the links help me about.