Hey guys, I havent coded visual basic in a long time I am using access 2003 and doing some code under a form. I have a button that is named system Setup and when you click on it it opens up and another form that has three comboboxes and a Save and a Cancel button.

Ive been trying most of the day on trying to get the save button working. When the SystemSetup form pops up (with the three comboboxes ) the user can select items out of the combo buttons and be able to save those settings for the rest of the form. when i close out of the form the save button should save what the user picked for settings. But i cant get it to do this. If i could get some help on this it would be much appreciated


Some code would be helpful!
I'm going to make a coupld of gueses and offer this

Private Sub Form_Load()
        With Combo1
            .AddItem "Apples"
            .AddItem "Pears"
            .AddItem "Oranges"
            .AddItem "Plums"
            .AddItem "Grapes"
        End With
        With Combo2
            .AddItem "Carrots"
            .AddItem "Celery"
            .AddItem "Tomatoes"
            .AddItem "Potatoes"
            .AddItem "Turnips"
        End With
        With Combo3
            .AddItem "Crackers"
            .AddItem "Bread"
            .AddItem "Rolls"
            .AddItem "Biscuits"
            .AddItem "Bagels"
        End With
    End Sub

    Private Sub Save_cmd_Click()
    Dim MyVar1 As String
    Dim MyVar2 As String
    Dim MyVar3 As String

        MyVar1 = Combo1.Text
        MyVar2 = Combo2.Text
        MyVar3 = Combo3.Text

        Debug.Print "Your Saved Values: Item 1: "; MyVar1 & _
                    " Item 2: " & MyVar2 & _
                    " Item 3: " & MyVar3
    End Sub


Your Saved Values: Item 1: Pears Item 2: Potatoes Item 3: Crackers