good day everyone!

i am currently working for an information kiosk, all the data needed to be displayed is in an existing database. to avoid data tamper, since the system is a network based one, data migration is needed.

so my question is, is there any codes or sample projects that i can refer to make my own data migration tool?
the database is in MS SQL Server 2008 and the modules of the project is in VB.NET

thanks in advance!

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Are you going from SQL Server to SQL Server?

If so, you can use the MS Import/Export wizard to migrate data.

If not, what are you migrating to?


thanks beginnerdev for the response, it will be on Access to SQL Server.


thanks for that wonderful link, but is there also a kind of application similar to that in sqlserver to sqlserver? thanks :)


That is a video tutorial on how to use the MSSQL Server Import and Export Data wizard that comes with SQL Server. He pulls the application up around 2:50 in the video.

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