Hi there,
I like programing very much. Fortunately or unfortunately my sujects in collage was arts, because i hate maths. Visual basic is my favourite language. I have learned it partially. But it didn't support my native language. I need some menu button text in my native language, but it shows me some question marks instead of my text. And i learned python partially. I like python but it doesn't have a GUI designer. I mean a python programmer should know the codes to import all buttons and text boxes. Is there any way to design GUI in python like visual basic..?. I mean if i need to build a calculator programme, then i start with an empty form, then i drag and drop some buttons and text box, then write some codes behind those buttons. Is it possible. If it is not possible with python, then which language is good for GUI programmimg. My aim is to make some windows programs for my personal needs; like a diary software, accounting software..etc (I tried pyQt, WXpython,Tkinter,EasyGUI, WXGlade,Page, and Visual python. None of them are like visual basic.)

What do you want to learn? Visual Basic? Python?

pygame is a good place to start: It takes a bit of effort to find the correct version for your python but it is simple for GUI's and pretty fun, the only problem is, trying to find a decent tutorial for it! or wxpython is good for GUI's or even tkinter which requires no plugins - http://wiki.python.org/moin/TkInter

Hope this helps - Mat

Hi ddanbe,
I want to learn these two languages one by one. But need a simple GUI maker. Visual basic do have a GUI maker but it deosn't support my native language.

Hi Mat,
Thank you for suggesting me pygame. Let me try.

@vinodvinu: I once had an Excel version in my native language(Dutch) because I thought it would make things easier. Well it was horrible! The macro language VBA(resembles vb.NET very much) was still in English, while the usual cell functions where in Dutch! So I just stick to English now and I have absolutely no problem with it. So I suggest you do the same, as I can tell from your English it is as good as mine! So google some tutorials and start coding! Happy programming. :o)

Hi ddanbe,
Thank you for your support. I just want to create some menus in my native language. I know english is the best. Anyway, you are right, Google is my master.