hello programming gurus

Am a newbie in visual basics,need some ideas on how to go about my project stated above.
it should be able to:
1) allow me to see random generated line and shape patterns
2) choose a list of numbers the ratio of the width to the height of the form
3) choose from a list of colours,colours of lines and shape of choice.
4) experiment with two backgroung colours
5)choose from a list of numbers the maximum dimensions of any shape selected
6) choose from a list of numbers the maximum width of any line drawn on the form
7)choose from a list of numbers the number of shapes drawn

your ideas will be highly appreciated guys..!

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I would think that because this is most likely an assignment that you would have ideas on how to go about your project. If you're expecting someone to do this for you, you've come to the wrong forum my friend. If I was you, I would start off with a user form and go from there adding each requirement as needed.


hello stuugie..thanx fro your reply.i get your point...and i understand plagiarism very well.i am having difficulties in marrying two forms..i figured of getting IDEAS and not SOLUTIONS.

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