I ll give my best for this post not to be too long.
I would like to make a program for my colleagues, students so they can check their results when they finish there task or if they want to check results first and then give it a try (doesn t matter). I have a lot s of ideas on how i would to this(could have done it earlier but now i have a greater knowledge of C#).

There are 2 pictures as you can see and they practically explain everything. I would like from you guys to tell me how to do this, what should i focus on and what things do i have to have in mind not to mess up things. I must say that i really have a great knowledge of mathematics and i would like to use that knowledge as much possible it is. The first diagram(Q diagram) multiplies the force with the length of that force acting on the object(until the next force kicks in).The third diagram(Ms diagram) is actually done by integrating the first diagram so if you it just increments the function row by one(for example a line y=x will be y=x^2, the constant doesn matter here, the 1/2).This isn t a detailed explanation but i suppose that as soon as you see the pictures you ll know what i m talking about. The graph drawing technique is simillar to the one when you have a-t v-t,s-t diagrams in physics and you must produce the s-t,a-t,v-t diagram based on the previous diagram. So i would like when the user inputs the length of the object and the forces i want the object to appear on the form and by clicking a separate button i want to reproduce the diagrams.
Any suggestions will be Greatly appreciated.

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To me one of your first steps would be to design a class(es) to hold the meaurements and the methods for making your calculations. One word of advice the math looks like it will get fairly complicated, so making the property names verbose and meaningful will help you keep the frustration to a minimum. To simplify the design and testing of the class(es), I would suggest using a console project. Once the class is where you want it, it's a fairly simple matter to design the GUI around it. One easy way to store the results is with xml which makes them very portable.

Tnx tinstaafl, if anyone else has any suggestion don t hesitate to write them down.

You surely are going to need some integration methods, here is a snippet
And this is an example of how to make a chart in C#. Success!

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