Hello all, I'm wondering if it's possble to set up a coloring scheme in Eclipse or Netbeans (or I'm open to suggestions for other IDEs. I'm aware of some options in Eclipse to change the color of the text for methods, classes, etc. but this isn't quite what I'm looking for. What I'm used to can be natively found in the IDE BlueJ; it colors the entire area from open to closing brackets of each class, method, loop, etc. I've grown accustomed to this style and find it much easier to read code this way, but I strongly prefer the other features found in Eclipse or Netbeans. I would like to leave this beginner's IDE behind but I just can't do it because this one feature seems to be offered nowhere else. Anybody have any ideas?

I've attached a screenshot to demonstate what I mean by the color coding.

In Netbeans if you highlight the opening bracket on any block (including method bodies) it also highlights the matching close bracket.
But for real-life sized code in Eclipse or Netbeans you would probably be using code folding to see the method namess and just expand the one(s) you are working on at the time.