Hi, guys im a 2nd yr college taking up Information technology, now i have a project i need to make a POS of a water station with the information of the consumers. what my problem is i dont know what should i do, since my professor didnt teach us on what and how to make the form of it.I also didnt know how to connect the Access to VB.also i need to have some add edit delete for the information of the consumers on my form.And what are the contents of POS. Please help me, this is the only way i can pass my subject... hope you can help me. :)

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You are in your 2nd year of IT and you don't know how to make a form? And you are blaming your professor because he didn't teach you? Daniweb is not a homework service. We will answer specific questions but first you have to show that you have put in some effort yourself.

Reverend Jim, hey guy im not blaming my professor im just explaining why i cant make this project so that if anyone reads my post they will understand why i didnt know it. and i also not said "can someone make me a homework" im just hoping for the help of others who can make it cos if i really knew this, i would not post here and have some ideas and suggestions that might help me. do you really understand what my point of my post is?

Because what my professors system in teaching is really unbelievable she just came to our room to have an attendance and drop some assignments and projects and this is the hardest project she gave us. the System Analysis and Design(SAD) And what i got here is Point of Sales of Water Refilling Station.

If I overreacted then I apologize. I once had a professor who was supposed to teach us PL/1. He showed up for around 2/3 of the classes. The ones he showed up for, he arrived late and left early. He didn't teach us enough to pass the exam. However, we had the book so we learned it anyway. Have you bothered to open a vb.net book to try to find what you are missing? Just about any vb book will give you enough to start making a form with a few controls.

However, I still have not seen any proof of effort on your part. You haven't even gone to the trouble of describing the project in any detail.

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