I am using the Rich Text Box,
Now I want to open the Word File, (It may be of 2013 or 2007)
How Can i do This?

!!! Important Thing !!!
No matter if I have to import any of the Word addon or else....
But That should Work. The Next thing is that
It should work even though I am not Having Office.
(It should work with the word/office add on.)

Creating This as I want to add some more update on my application.
This Word add on should allow the user to open the Word File without having Ms Office

I am not having any idea regarding this, and I try to google out but not get the sufficient information.
So I expect that I will get some more information from here

@ M.Waqas Aslam
that not the topic,
your Topic: how to open .txt file and display in text box using vb2008
Mine: open the Word File, (It may be of 2013 or 2007)in richtextbox, and also to save

You may want to do some research on the OpenXML file format, it's not as simple as raw text. For something like this I'd look for a library that extracts Word files and then place the (hopefully) formatted text in my control.

Aspose.Words is a good library for this that I use professionally, but it's not free.

Is there any free tool that can help me.?

I'm not sure, that's why I suggested research. ;) A quick search shows potential options, but I can't offer a recommendation without more extensive poking around.

I make a search on it,
Manifest file should be import and many more things got to do with it.
But I can not understand that or their code.
I want the hint so that I can import any of the tool.
(But it must work if the Ms word is not present)

By the way thanks for recommandation.

But it must work if the Ms word is not present

That's what makes things difficult. If the Office API isn't available, you have no choice but to work around it somehow. I've done this when reading Excel files (ODBC works nicely), but not with Word.

seems good, but that for excel and now i am with the word document,
Ok, But what (ODBC) ?

I'm not sure if ODBC works for Word, it would surprise me, to be honest.