I'm trying to iterate through the controls on a form and set the tabIndex to 0 for all labels. I copped the following code from google but it doesn't work for me and I'm pretty certain it's because all of my controls are on a panel and not on the form. Does anyone know how I can modify this code to work if the controls are on a panel. I've tried lots of things with no success.

Private Sub setControls()
    Dim cControl as control
    For each cControl in me.controls
        If (Typeof cControl is Label) then 
            cControl.tabIndex = 0
        end if
    next cControl
end sub
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Change Me to the name of the panel. Alternatively you can use For Each cControl As Control In Panel1.Controls.OfType(Of Label) to iterate through just the labels instead of every control.

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A control can be a container for other controls, so such an algorithm should be recursive:

Private Sub SetControls(ByVal Control As parentCtrl)
    If TypeOf parentCtrl Is Label Then
        ' Set the label properties you want
    End If

    For Each ctrl As Control In parentCtrl.Controls
End Sub

I thought I did. I clicked the Mark Question Solved button. Let's see if I get it right this time. Thanks Tinstaafl

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