Hello all,

I seek assistance in this challenges I have at the moment.
I have an application that currently connect to a SQL Database well on my PC and sure it will do same if I deploy it to a PC that has SQL server install on it.
Now I dont want to install SQL server on the other PC where the application will be used,
1. which database file (.mdf or .sdf) will I use
2. how will I create a .sdf file if thats the solution and ensure it works well at development level
3. how will I attach it to my application at development and deployment level
A step by step instruction will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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The file will do no good without the server. The target computer must have the server software or the server must be on a computer that the target computer can access, such as both computers on the same network.

Thank you Ancient Dragon,

I only want to read from the db file, am not writing into it. That's why I need something small that my application can fetch information from.

you can't just read from it like an ordinary text file, because it isn't. The smallest SQL compliant database I know of is Sqlite (click here and here )

Even if you go with MS Access you still will have to install the Access Runtime software on the target computer. There's nothing extra to install with Sqlite.

Another option may be to export the sql database into flat files that your program can read

okay how can I make my application read from a sql database flat file?

It's just an ordinary text file. I assume you already know how to read text files. You will know the format of the file because you will have to tell the sql server how to export the data. And how to export the data will depend on the sql server you are using.

oooh yeah I do know how to read from text files.

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