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Friends i am a student of bscs and trying to load an image on turbo c or anyother compiler such as dev c or c free which are common in use in our university. Please suggedt me what should i do first for this purpos??

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I would research the development environment I'm using to see if it directly supports opening images. What sort of images (jpg, bmp, tiff?).

Determine what you want to do with the image. Display it? Just determine information about the image? Do modifications to it? Convert it to another format?

You need to better specify your problem so that your, first understand what you're trying to accomplish. Then you might get more useful help here.

I am working on a project of my 2nd semester. I just want to display my group members name with their pictures, it may be of any format (jpg,bmp . . .etc). I've tried a lot to do this in turbo c++ as we are asked to make project just using turbo c++, but there was a fualt in loading of pixels.
Please suggest me any library or any other method plz. . . .

My guess is that Turbo C is just too old a compiler to do what you want -- 16-bit programs don't have very much memory so it may not be able to load the image. In that case the only solution is to use a modern compiler.

AD is absolutely right Za3mi. You need a newer compiler. You can install the MingW version of the GNU C/C++ compilers for free - it is open source, on most versions of Windows, including XP. If you have enough RAM to run a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox, then install that and some version of Linux that will provide the full-featured GNU compiler suite, plus there are a lot of image processing libraries on Linux that won't cost you a bit.

Thanks to all of you yes i've to do something extra than that of turbo c++.

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