Iam beginer in this field. While trying a code to implement fprintf & fscanf, iam getting errors.
Please help to explain the cause of error.

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#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
  FILE *fp;

  int num;
  char sstr[100];
  fp = fopen("myText.txt", "w");
  fprintf(fp,"%d %s",9898,"visakh");

  /*sscanf(fp, "%f %s",&ffloat,sstr);
  printf("Float = %f\n",ffloat);
  printf("String : ");
  fscanf(fp, "%s",sstr);
  printf("NUM = %d\n",num);
  printf("String : %s",sstr);
  return 0;


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Please elaborate on what these "errors" are.

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Please elaborate on what these "errors" are.

The file is open for writing only. fscanf() is a read function. Solve the problem like this:

line 9: open the file with "rw" flag

line 15: uncomment that line.

add a new line just before line 15: fflush(fp); which will force everything to be physically written to disk. Until then the data could be just cashed in memory.

If the file doesn't aleady exist, you need to open it with "w+" to reate a file for eading and writing. If it does already exist, you need to open it with "r+" for reading and writing.

Not terribly logical, but there you are.

Warning: If you try to open an existing file with "w+", the file will be deleted, and a new one with the same name created.

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