exerted by the rider’s foot yet not exceed the stress placed on the crank arm’s sprocket attachment, is provided by this formua:
r^3 = dp/sπ

r is the radius of the cylindrical rod in inches. d is the length of the crank arm in inches. P is the weight placed on the pedal in lbs. S is the stress in lbs/in2
Using this information, design, write, compile, and execute a C++ program that computes the value of r for a crank arm that is 7 inches long, accommodates a maximum weight of 300 lbs, and is able to sustain a stress of 10,000 lbs/in2.

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Okay. Now what?

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Okay. Now what?

You want us to help you cheat on your assignment? Do we get your degree when you graduate also? :-(

Post your code, and we may help you, but you haven't started on a good foot.

please consider this an insult to programming.. Don't make it a habit

alhawsa may not be coming back!

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