This the error I am getting when I install VB application which is developed in VS 2010 with Access 2010 as backend
error: ACEW OLEDB 12.0 not REGISTERED on local machine

This appears to be faced by many people. I faced it first time when I installed similar project in Windows 7.
The solution for this was given MSDN forum etc was
1.Install Access DB Engine
2. Build to x86
This worked perfectly and I had forgotten all about it.

But I am facing the same problem when the product is installed in client's PC having WINDOWS 8

Has anyone faced this problem with windows 8 or Office with 64 bit version giving the same error?
I tried to use Build to x64 but then I got same error (ace oledb 12.0 not registerd on local machine
) even on my machine!
What is the solution?

Thanks in Advance!

Install the 32-bit version of the device driver if you compile for 32-bit program, which is I think the default. Are you using Visual Studio 2010 PRO because the Express version only compiles 32-bit programs.

I had a similar problem then found out that I had installed the 64-bit version of the device driver because my computer has 64-bit Windows 8.1. Uninstalled it and installed the 32-bit version of the device driver fixed the conflict.

Yes, I am using VS 2010 Professional.
The problem got solved when my client installed Office 32 bit version.
But I would like to know- which device driver (32 bit) you are referring to? Please let me know. I want to understand this issue and avoid such situations in future.
Thanks for your reply

Put simply, those providers aren't installed by default. Typically, installing this as a prerequisite solves the problem.