What exactly are you trying to accomplish? "Lookup search control" is too vague.

I have a form and in this i have take a text box.......i just want that when i text in textbox then i get the help to write anything i mean the data shoud come in list related to the text which i m writing.....

just like when we search in google.....

I'm not aware of any standard controls that will do this for you. You'd essentially need to combine a textbox and some form of list control, where a button or the Enter key on the textbox fires a back-end search. It should go without saying that you'd be writing the search logic.

You can wrap the whole thing up in a user control, but the initial build is more than just dropping a control and setting a few properties.

ListBox has a FindString() method. When you enter text in the textbox, pass the text on to ListBox.FindString(). If you need anything more complex searching then that, I'm afraid you will have to do the work yourself as deceptikon said.

I think This control is not possible..............but there is another way to do like this which i have tried...........that is i Have take a comboBox and set the Propety of COMBOBOX AutoComleteMode=SuggestAppend and AutoComleteSource=ListItems....with the help of these two propeties i was able to do like lookupsearch control