“Magic Video Center” is a video rental company which rent outs Movies and Music videos to
its customers. The rental fees for the Videos are calculated as follows.
 For Movie Video:-
Rental fee = (Number of Days * Fee per day) + Extra Charge
 For Music Video:-
Rental fee = (Number of Days * Fee per day)/2
The Fee per day for any video is Rs. 200.00 and the Extra Charge is Rs.1000.00
Write a complete C++ program using the Object oriented concepts to calculate the Rental fee
for the 3videos issued to 3 customers.
Please note the following: You should use base classes, derived classes, constructors,
destructors, functions and other object oriented concepts to develop the program.
Table Q3
Item Number
Name of the
Video Type No of days
10012 ABC Music 5
10090 XYZ Movie 3
10096 MNO Music 9