Lol. Thanks, a bit late now as I had to research it but still... useful.

sorry for late reply,
About the Attributes We just need to Save it as wad then all after we can change attributes.
and After changing attributes, we will pop up with the msg("Process Completed")

and about the dimension: when we multiply "Hight" x "Width" then the value is not more than 10752 (Becoz the satisfy values lies between this)

Yeah. It's all included in the program. Don't worrt about it bud

To make the File READ ONLY
directory.text is the file path

File.SetAttributes(directory.Text, File.GetAttributes(directory.Text) Or FileAttributes.ReadOnly)

Dude ive just written you a bit crunching program... why are you telling me how to set file attributes lol

What that written beside name?
Max length: 16 ????

hey you have bought two Files solution:
1 is editor and 2nd is wad.
Which should I import for my project.?
I just need to convert IMG to WAD...
and one more doubt: where the code that check the dimension are correct or not...

Max length you can ignore that, it's the internal file length that's max 16 not the WAD name. TODO: Check image file name (not including .Extension) is <= 16 bytes.

You need both WAD and Edit as my class uses the WAD structures

Please tell me you can follow code to where the images are checked... I've even commented it all for you. If your planning on just using this code without attempting to learn from it, it's kind of dissapointing.

To answer your question... what is the first method the button calls... Editor.CreateWADFile... maybe you should check there.

No man, I want to use but I want to learn too...
Untill I use the Coding I will not know what I did,
And I have to learn this because if in future I need to update then I should Know about this,

Nut the Kinda things is It too long and I am bit confused so I asked you.
so I just want to learn how to change the Image to WAD...
so I asked you Whether I need to import Both?

One More question I got: Can this work for Net Framework 2.0?
When I import to My Project it gives me 11Errors,

And can I check Image Dimension if not then image will autoresize.?

@J.C. SolvoTerra

thank you for working with my project, You really work hard with me for 3 hours continuosly on TeamViewer, still pending with some error.
I hope we get the correct way.,...

Thank you

No worries, I'll get your filoes and have a play over the next day or so

Ok, here's 1.1 I'm glad to see the tests work on your game. I have figured out if you use "{" before the inner file name it will render transparent pixels eg "{LOGO" if you just use "LOGO" the entire texture will be solid.


I've updated my program with the updated Write method, a transparency chack box, and a palette viewer.

If you want to use your DEEP MODI texture, I figure you need to render the file with transparency unchecked.

commented: Great Job, Salute to you +0

this is the old zip....
its not like image


just pulling the recover info, hold on

Congratulations, You did it.

Now tha't some damn fine news... I feel it necassary to quote the out here brothers.."Whoomp! there it is" lol

Please post an image of the in-game graphic at work.

yeah sure then after I will make this Thread as solved as I will implement the code in my project. and yeah I will post img of that tooo.

That was a wee toughie, took a few days. Will sort out that final wee palette glitch, I've already got an idead how to resolve it.

you mean : Idea????

I've already got an idead how to resolve it.