i am a student of computer science , i like to be a software application developer , but i am confused still about be ** a java software developer or .Net software developer**.....because in Pakistan 1) .net jobs are more ,2) .net application takes less time to compute,3) mostly people develop web application in .net , but all of above i want to do in java because people say that 1) java is window independent but i got problem with it that 1) java software developer gets job if they have experience of three years while .net software developer gets soon job , 2) java lines of code is three times the code of .net for developing an application so in that case seeing computing time and lines of code amount and jobs opportunity..........what to do that is nice for me ????????????????Need Guidance in order to solve my confusion in problems that i am facing to become a software developer in java ?( i want to be a operation system software developer not web app developer)

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I'll ask you this, Why not both?!

I'd like to throw my 2 cents in here. I totally agree with oussama_1

regarding the .Net side. I chose VB, to this day I regret not choosing C#. It shouldn't take me too long to traverse when I'm ready, but for all the arguments for and against VB.Net and C#.Net, personally I feel a little left short with VB.Net

Why? I'm not able to give you much of a reason other than there is so much more support for C# and there's certain examples where I've converted C# to VB and the code for VB is much more long winded.

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