good day everyone, we're creating a software for our thesis, and im just a beginner and i dont know what to do with my printing with this fill up form.. thanks for those who want to help :) im using 2008

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that is i need to print only the underlined, how do i gonna print at the exact position? the picture is at the bottom :)

NO, We are not ready to do your homework. How far have you gone? Post your codes and tell your problem. We are always with you to help.

To draw a line on a form is exactly the same as to draw a line on a printer.

Make a crystal report that looks just like that.
That will allow you to put those underlines wherever you want.

Not only crystal report, report could be done by various objects, like Report Document, Print Document.
You can also do it by creating your own report interface using a form. Each object also has too many options to format your report.

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