I'd like to be able to retrieve the available drives on a local machine using DriveInfo and place that data into a control so that the user can select a drive to work on.

Can anyone please suggest a good control to use and some suitable code?



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From my point of view, TreeView and LIstView are most suitable for your job.
You can use any one or both.

You can enumerate the drives as follows:

Dim drives() As System.IO.DriveInfo = System.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives()

For Each drive In drives
    lbxDrives.Items.Add("Name:  " & drive.Name)

Note that there are other properties (DriveFormat, DriveType, VolumeLabel, etc.) that will throw an exception if you try to access them if the drive is not available (for example if you do not have a CD inserted).

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