I want to start reading and learning on my own the different programming languages. I will be going into MIS degree soon. What is the easiest language to begin learning... and after that? Thanks!

If you are looking for a fully OOP language to learn then VB.Net is pretty easy. It has the most readable code in my opinion. It's structure and syntax mimics english syntax more than most other languages.
And then it is a small step to switch to C#, which is similar to Java in syntax.

I didn't learn Ruby as a beginner but I've heard others say it is fairly intuitive if you're new to coding.

Python. And there is even a great support forum for it on Daniweb.

In my opinion there is no easy language! let me put it this way, in every language there is a basic , intermediate and advanced level, you always start easy and then you build your way up. Besides your choice highly depends on what do you want to do (ex: software/web/game/etc.) and on which platform?

I personally think Visual Basic is a bit easy to learn and understand once you know the basics because VB.NET is kinder similar to english because to write a code let's say for instance you want to display a HELLO WORLD message then as you know you want to display a HELLO WORLD you simply call the tool that you want it to display the message and instruct it to do so by calling lblDisplay.Text = "HELLO WORLD" which is in english or easy to understand if you understand english and have a basics of VB.NET

I’ve had a fast look at a number of websites, particularly ones describing C++.
I don’t actually want to understand a terminology that is useful at this time, I just want to take one step into programming by studying the most convenient terminology my deadly mind can comprehend! Probably something that functions as a foundation for other 'languages'.
A weblink to any websites or application that can help with my query will also be valued.

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