I'm developing VB6.0 Project using SqlServer2008. After completing the project if i'm using MsAccess the .mdb file will be stored in Package but when i'm using SqlServer Which file shouli use or how can i use sqlserver for using in other system which are not installed SQLServer2008

MS SQlSERVER creates two files, .mdf and .log. So if you want to attach your datafile in your package, you must select that two files.
At the time of installation, the package only copies the files at their destination. You can face a problem to open the database by SqlServer.
From my opinion, make a backup of the database and attach it in your package. After installation Restore it from SqlServer.

Tank you Shark1, But my installation system maynot be Have SQL server is installen then How can i Restore.

If i'm using MS-ACCESS Then i can specify Conection string as "App.Path &"C:/path" when i'm using SQL server how can i specify

Do you ever open an Access file without Ms Office Access?

If your file resides into the application folder then you can use App.Path or full path of the file.

I'm developing VB6.0 Project using SqlServer2008.

So it is true that you know how do you save the MsSql datafile and where.

If the target machine does not have SQL Server already installed, the user will need to install it. I would recommend directing the user to Microsoft's website to download and install SQL Express.