I have a program (exe) that starts an external .exe program in response to a user request.
If the external program is started by me on the desktop it checks for updates to the program prior to opening up. If I do it using the ProcessStartInfo then it doesn't check for updates before loading. I need the Master program to check for updates on the external .exe when starting.
I was hoping someone could explain what I'm doing wrong.

            Dim startInfo As New ProcessStartInfo
            startInfo.FileName = "Program.exe"
            startInfo.UseShellExecute = False
            startInfo.WorkingDirectory = "C:\users\public\documents\"

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Are updates within the exe program or are saved by an exe program somewhere?

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When you start the external app on the desktop, are you using a shortcut? If so, is the shortcut passing a parameter to the app telling it to check for updates?

The external app itself checks a table to see if the version number is different to the current version and if it's different it loads the new version. I can't figure out why it works if I run the external exe myself but not when started from another exe. It doesn't pass a parameter to say check for an update as it does it automatically.

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