I need some assistance here. I currently learning and i would like to create a simple webpage (as a hobby).

I have two textboxes (textbox1 and textbox2) , a dropdownlist (ddlist) and save button (btnSave).
I insert value to textbox1 and textbox2 (eg: textbox1: A and textbox2: Apple).
when i click button save. The value will display in dropdownlist (like this; A - Apple).
and have to be save in database.

How to do i save both values in database and display in the dropdownlist?
and i want to do the save in this method:

db.ExecuteInsert("INSERT INTO dropdownlsit (itemA, itemB) VALUES( " & _
                        "'" & db.sqlstr(txtA.Text) & "'," & _
                        "'" & db.sqlstr(txtB.Text) & "'" , _

a simple example would be appreciate. Thanks!

im using Visual studio to write. My front is using asp.net and back end is using vb.net and sqlserver.

Okie - i all read figure it out.

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