Hello ALl,

I have found this project online which I would like to do. The link for the project is http://1000projects.org/network-intrusion-detection-system.html#comment-249119. If I am correct, this application if built properly is meant to look at all the packets and store them into SQL server?. I have got many problems before I have even started. I am not sure, how to capture the network packets.

The other thing is, I have got visual studio express 2013 and I have got .NET framwork 4.0 installed but I am not sure why I cannot open a .NET framework project. I have to be able to use windows form and .NET. I am not sure of this setup.

Can you please help with my problems?


I don't see the problem.
This is how my VS Express looks:

Just select a Windows Forms Application from the dialog that appears after chosing New Project, give it a name and click ok. And there it it is, your .NET framework project!

Ah okay, welll thanksss.

I am now trying to figure out a way, to capture network packetss and store them into a database. I am kind of stuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I found this thing called PCAP.NET..but thatsss all I have got so far. There are no simple instructions on where to download the PCAP.net from. Its reallly annoying..