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I deployed a web service in a server for sending email and this is the code of it.

<WebMethod()> _
    Public Function SendEmailSMTPAtt(ByVal objMail As clsEmail) As String

    Dim strReturn As String = ""
    Dim mailMsg As New MailMessage

    With mailMsg
        .From = objMail.Mailfrom
        .To = objMail.MailTo
        If objMail.Mailcc <> "" Then
            .Cc = objMail.Mailcc
        End If
        If objMail.MailBcc <> "" Then
            .Bcc = objMail.MailBcc
        End If

        .Subject = objMail.MailSubject

        Dim sHtml As String
        sHtml = "<HTML>" & _
         "<HEAD>" & _
         "<TITLE>E-Mail alert </TITLE>" & _
         "</HEAD>" & _
         "<BODY><P>" & _
         "<Font Color=Green>" & objMail.MailBodyText & "</Font>" & _
         "</BODY>" & _

        .Body = sHtml
        .BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html

        Dim attachment1 As New MailAttachment(objMail.strPath) 'objMail.strPath is comming from local machine program Eg: "F:\TestFolder\abc.txt"
        .Attachments.Add(attachment1) 'add the attachment

    End With

    SmtpMail.SmtpServer = EmailService.My.Settings.SMTP_SERVER

    Return strReturn
End Function

This service is working fine except attachment. When send attachment path via my local machine program, it is throw an error "Server was unable to process request. ---> Invalid mail attachment 'C:\Users*******'". This error occurred due to web service find that path in the server. But actually path is not exist in the server, because it is a local machine path.

So how to send local machine attachment via email?

I just checking out this with internet. But most of the solutions include all code in one program. (send email service part and the client part) But my issue is email service host in a server and I call the method from the local machine.