Hello I have an old laptop which run most new games at around 40~60 fps at lowest settings.. I already have a key for Visual Studio 2012 Professional and thinking about Visual Studio 2015 Community.. Will Community 2015 run as fast as the other one? I'm only interested in WPF/Winforms and SQL so I won't need the new features. Should I get the new one for updates etc, or just get the 2012? Thanks in advance :)

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Are you sure they are all at the same speed? even on an old pc? (comparision between 2012 and 2015, not community or pro)
I know it's free, I just wanna download one of them only to keep my pc clean..

Are you sure? I did not benchmark this. One person had one and the other on very similar PCs so nothing obvious stood out. But your SQL question looks to be one you need to do more research on.

ok then I'll just get 2015 if they run at the same speed.. Thanks a lot :)

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