Hi all,

  1. My DataGridview is populated and displays the data correctly. No Problem here.
  2. I use the Up/Down Key to navigate in the DataGridview and the rows get highlighted when I pass over them. No problem here.

This is what I would like to code if posible:

  1. What I would like to do is that when using the arrow Up/Down key and on the Datgridview Row Enter Event that a simulated Mouse click be executed on that row.

The reason:

Currently when I click on a row on the Datagridview a calculation is performs and is displayed the results on a Label text. (This is currently working on the Datagridview click event.)

Unfortunatly on the Datagridrow Row Enter the code won't execute.

Is this even possible?


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Resolve it using this code.

'Assigns the variable todays from my form display date text [/COLOR]
    Dim todaysdate As DateTime = Me.lblTodayDate.Text

    ‘Assigns the date from the column that holds the date needed to the label lblRowCellDate
    lblRowCellDate.Text = dgvEdit.SelectedRows(0).Cells(27).Value

    ‘Assigns the variable WRRTYEnddate the datefrom the label lblRowCellDate
    Dim WRRTYEnddate As DateTime = Me. lblRowCellDate.Text

    ‘ Assigns the variable DaysLeft the days that the two dates have (date from lblRowCellDate and todays date)
    Dim DaysLeft As Int32 = departuredate.Subtract(todaysdate).Days

    ‘ Assigns the variable s2 the results of the calculation and conversion.
    Dim s2 As String = Convert.ToString(DaysLeft)

    ‘ Assigns the label lblDaysleft the results
    lblDaysleft.Text = s2

Basically I added a Button with the code below. And call the button with Button Run Code Click Perform Click from the RowEnter Event of the datagrid.

I hope this helps others.

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