hi everyone can anyone help me this project ?

The existing system, normally in a company, employees enter the office at different
times. To administer the timings of the employees, we write the entry time and exit time of
the employees in a register, which had some problems such as, a person can cross the door
multiple times which cannot be monitored, and not only that, this existing system cannot
absolutely tell the authorities the individual working hours and capability of an employee.
The proposed system will help the administrator or the manager to reduce its time spent on
various data maintenance tasks, reduce time spent in report generation, and help it in
providing better and user friendly services to its employees. The proposed system will give
the significant amount of time and effort invested by the employees time to time, by helping
the management to know about their employee’s capability. The System also provides
various metrics to analyze the performances of the employees to the department. It helps
the management to dynamically add questions to the database. It provides a mechanism through which the administrator can save the existing database to file. The employee can immediately know his capacity and the working hours weekly once or when the task allotted to him is finished. The system will be available to the administrator for use at anytime, anywhere in the company. The project leader or the management generates desired reports. The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in the view of database integration approach.

This sounds like the old time card/clock system. But with an OCD twist. Most businesses just have you clock in, then take breaks, lunch and at the end of the day, clock out. I'm guessing here you want to only pay for the minutes they are "in some zone."

I've had dealings with some states that forbid such timekeeping so be sure you don't create a system that could result a lawsuit or class action against the company. Nothing better than leaving a computer/paper trail of the company infractions.

Before you reply, if you are asking for members to design and write this for you, that's a for hire question/post.
If you are the CTO/CIO you know this.

Before you post, read https://www.daniweb.com/programming/threads/435023/read-this-before-posting-a-question

What you want is likely out there or something you have made to meet the company goals, but be sure that you aren't walking into a nightmare trap of legal problems.

A quick Google of some of the OP's language gets you a larger document. The OP's post seems to be a verbatim copy/paste of that larger document. I'll not link it here. The questions are why the copy/paste, why only part, why no link?

Depending on how it's used, I can think of uses where its use could be legitimate and uses where it's paranoid/controlling/nosy. On the legitimate side, I was a consultant years ago on a project where time spent in a certain room was to be billed to a certain client and an itemized bill of who/when/how much supplied, no rounding off allowed. Such a system in place would have been quite nice.

Not sure I'd be nearly as keen on a system that kept track of the exact times everyone entered and left the bathroom, then sent to upper management without the employees' knowledge.

in other words some "student" is trying to plagiarise some system description he found online for some assignment and now tries to get others to implement it for him so he can submit the work done by others as his own...

OP, such systems exist commercially. Find some companies selling such, ask them for a tender, and buy the solution that best meets your requirements.
You're getting a better system cheaper and with better and cheaper support than were you to try building it yourself.